Compile Java Files At Runtime

Java 6 has a new Compiler API, as a result of JSR 199, which requests for a standard way to compile java source files. Although I use a lot of Java, I don't get to use some of the Java API's, as they are not required for the business functionality that I usually code. So, I was looking around for some new ideas or code to try and thought of working on a simple Java IDE and got to work on JavaCompiler class from package of Java 6. Here's a naive example, that shows how to compile a Java source file at runtime:


  1. Nice article. I had seen Java 6 new Compiler API but never tried it before. Never thought it will be that simple to compile Java program at runtime.

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  3. While running the above code. I faced the NPE Exception on
    JavaCompiler javaCompiler = ToolProvider.getSystemJavaCompiler();
    that was because my classpath was pointing to JRE lib instead of JDK. tools.jar which contains compiler was not the classpath.more details are here.


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